The documentary that pissed off the theist…

Another one of them chimed in at some point and claimed that I “made him hold this for a picture” (no, but I did politely ask him to hold still long enough for me to take the picture after he took it from me shortly after opening the package that it came in to confirm that everything came in good condition, because he liked the picture of Baphomet that was on the cover… no one makes this child do anything that he does not want to do), and that I “force this on my kids (I’m too lazy to force anything on my kids, thank you). But The Transformed Wife didn’t like it that I responded to her Tweet about “raising your children to joyfully know God” with this picture. This was the “shot heard ’round the world”, as some people like to say. I just took advantage of a nicely timed picture and his consent the whole way through the process to make a point to her. Ironically, hours after this picture was taken he acquiesced to a hair cut, and he behaved himself swimmingly well for the rest of the day. Do I need to buy him some Baphomet toys or something? Heh.

To be honest, I keep things from all known major religions around the house. The kids are free to express as big or as small (or as… none) of an interest in them as they would like. That is the entire point. And they are just as free to stop expressing that interest whenever. My only real, major hesitancy comes in religions that do not “allow” you to quit them at your desire, that attempt to “keep you as a member on their rolls” forever.

Oh, and yes, Bub does wear clothes. He just doesn’t like to wear shirts when he can avoid them.

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