Men, sometimes you actually are the problem here.

If you’re a white, Christian man, you can say whatever you want on Facebook and no matter how many times you get reported for actually breaking the Terms of Service (community… rules, whatever they call them), no one will actually do anything to you for it. Or if they do, they will be extremely hard-pressed to.

If you’re not, though, you will be comment and post-blocked almost ruthlessly, especially if you become a well-known advocate, and especially if you speak out against… well, men. Especially if they are white Christian men. Or conservative men. (For instance, fathers who affiliate with some of the Father’s Rights Movements pages can make various threats directed at individuals who work for family law, to include the judges, and Facebook is very hard-pressed to actually remove a lot of those comments… and then a lot of people on Facebook has the nerve to act surprised when some of these fathers actually follow through on these threats and commit acts of violence, especially to their exes and/or the minor children that they share.)

I never thought that I would actually say this given that Twitter is half as bad at getting certain inflammatory items removed, but Twitter is not quite as bad about having an awry, computerized reporting system that is incredibly easy to abuse and weaponize. I’ve only been post-blocked on Twitter one time for a full twenty-four hours if I’m not mistaken, and that took a lot of effort to actually get to happen. I was almost impressed.

It may be 2020, but men need to understand that as a whole their gender is not an actually protected class.

And not even in custody cases they are not as discriminated against as they delude themselves into thinking.

At any rate, I have nineteen days left until I can actually use Facebook again, thanks to Catholic apologists.

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