Since people want to bring this up (again)…

“Your mom did so many nice things for the kids while she was alive!”

(And in comparatively good health.)

Yes, and she spent the last six months of her life doing what I’ve written about. So now, knowing what I know about dementia and the increased likelihood that she developed it, I have to look back at pictures on TimeHop — one of which I am including in this post — and wonder how long she really harbored these thoughts about the involved, aforementioned child, and how long she was able to keep them to herself until she wasn’t able to keep them to herself “because of the brain tumor removal, her fighting cancer” (the latter of which I think is one of the most asinine excuses you can possibly give for this, but the kind of people that say things like “she did so many nice things for the kids while she was alive” trying to justify what she did to my child before she died have to be reaching at straws here) and her likely developing dementia before her death. And then I realize that she probably began thinking these things as early as his autism diagnosis at age two and a half, so she probably thought them for the majority of his life, which makes pictures like the one below even more infuriating for me to see come across my TimeHop, but uploading one here to make the point will make the point. I am 99.9% convinced that this picture was a complete and total lie on her part.

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