Do I even need to explain this block? I do?

This summer — which I didn’t know about until now — I got blocked by the casting director of a few shows, to include Big Brother, because I expressed concern over the fact that one of the HouseGuests had admitted on live feeds that prior to being cast, he was addicted to drugs (particularly Xanax), was scoring them “off of the streets”, was not procuring them legally, was also admitting that production was helping him win crucial competitions to stay in the game, and that when he was one of the show’s “Have-Nots”, he snuck potato chips into the shower away from the cameras to eat it when he was supposed to only be eating slop and we never saw the show name “Have-Nots” again. Not only did they pander to this dude and ensure that he won (and he wound up being the winner), but there was the high likelihood that he could relapse $500,000 richer, which production should seriously have seen coming. On top of that, he admitted that he lied on a lot of the questions asked of him on one of their questionnaires before he even came on the show “because they wouldn’t have cast him if he’d told the truth”, which he also said on the live feeds! He got away with all this!

Bringing up these concerns over the span of various Tweets to the casting director, along with the many other people that… you know, did this too, and expressing concern over the show’s declining quality over recent seasons just got me blocked though. Clearly production had another pet here they wanted to pay…

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