Can we blame the pandemic for this one here?

I’m not sure if this happened as a result of COVID-19, or it just… happened because we’re almost the middle of the way through the year, but I can’t find any video games for Bub right now that I haven’t already pre-ordered for him. I’ve been looking for some more games to get him since his birthday is coming up, and I’ve already pre-ordered the ones that I want to get him, which is making the whole “get him more games for his birthday” thing a bit more difficult than I had originally anticipated it would be, but in good humor I am continuing to manage. (I am also beginning to look at the virtual reality set for the PlayStation 4 since we do not actually own one of those and he will turn ten soon, which means that he will actually be able to use one if he would so like for a few hours a day, and I don’t mind the kids having or using one if they would like to…)

Surprisingly, there aren’t that many virtual reality games out for the PlayStation 4, so I don’t actually know when I’m going to make this purchase. It might wind up being something that I get them for Christmas, because if I do get this for them, I’m not going to do it for only a few games. I’m going to want this purchase to matter in the long run and I’m going to want to have gotten several games for it. Fun for the whole family.

I mean, it’s a small thing and I am definitely not complaining about it on a large scale, but I’m wondering if the video game industry will be affected by this on a much larger scale depending on how long this goes on.

I know that some states are trying to rush headlong into “going back to work” and “revitalizing the economy”, but there are things like these where people are obviously not going to want to rush back to work on if they can avoid it (obviously not essential services, not in the least), and that really got me wondering.

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