I’m glad we patched up those two holes.

Bub didn’t own Wolfenstein: The New Order or Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus, and I found both of them for affordable prices, so I fixed that for him. I’m thinking about giving them to him before his birthday (at the end of June), because the entire point of both games is to kill Nazis in a world where they emerged victorious from the second World War, and… I mean, what’s not fun about killing Nazis? You tell me. Because everything is fun about killing Nazis. Truth be told, I have never been the best at first-person shooters, or even remotely good at them, but work with me here: we get to kill Nazis in these games, so I will find some way to get good enough at them that we can play them to completion when they arrive and we get to them.

I just need to see if there are any other (smaller) holes in our collection and plug them appropriately.

In addition, I need to add things to our Amazon wish list, like some of these games, when I do find them…

I would actually have played the newest Fallout game with him if playing the PlayStation online didn’t cost.

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