Since I have the time to make this post…

I am continuing to look for video games to get Bub for his birthday, even though I am mindful of the fact that our Nintendo Switch’s microSD card… is low on space, and since it has Animal Crossing on it, I definitely do not want to do anything to that and wind up corrupting the data on the save file for that and messing up our island. I just don’t. So I am not even going to take the remotest of risks there, at least not until the interest surrounding Animal Crossing dies all the way down and it’s not even a game that he is remotely interested in. And to be honest, I do like the game as well! I’m a bit less interested in it than I was when it first came out (aren’t all of us? doesn’t this happen to all of us at some point?), but I do like it, and I do like this one better than New Leaf, I’m not even going to lie. But the same people who used to push me into playing games for longer than I wanted to aren’t in my life right now… which may contribute to a lot of why I enjoy this more.

In my spare time, I’ve joined a few other Discord servers (an Animal Crossing one for players over the age of twenty-five, and a Satanism server for members of The Satanic Temple). I am not the best at managing multiple Discord servers, but I am trying here. Right now, The Satanic Temple’s server is my favorite server.

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