The thing where I have to upgrade my phone.

The day finally came. It comes once every several years because I hate doing it.

My phone no longer upgrades OSes (or even updates them) because it is that old, so now I am… regrettably upgrading. To the most affordable phone available under my provider, just in case Bub does manage to get a hold of it and break it, because that’s always been what I have done. This logic has served me well for years.

So now all I have to do is wait for it to ship, arrive, and then set this thing up all over again. Fun.

Another reason that I didn’t want to get one of the newest ones is the ease of the fingerprint scanner. I use that to keep Bub from accessing my phone, because let’s just say that he watches people put their passcodes in long enough to memorize them, and I don’t want to make it easy for him to have full access to my phone (Monster is alright, he doesn’t do the kind of things that Bub does or has the capability to do if he can somehow find a way into my phone). And that’s a lot easier to work than the face scanner that these new models are purported to have. Plus, my kids look a lot like me in all of the ways that are said to matter, so I’m not even risking that. I thought Bub had to have looked like his father until I began uploading more pictures of me to Facebook, though… and that was when my friends actually told me that Bub looked a lot more like me than I had to have realized. Whoops. But yeah, let’s not risk him “accidentally” getting in, heh…

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