So to 23andMe, Scotland isn’t its own country?

As a “non-filer”, I’m still waiting on our economic stimulus payment. Not sure how long we’ll be waiting.

Meanwhile, I’ve continued to do more research into my genealogy. It honestly seems like 23andMe does not “regard” Scotland as its own separate country to report, instead lumping it in with British & Irish on the Ancestry Composition page based on what other researchers have reported (particularly on sites like Reddit). However, a lot of Scottish DNA can also be found in the more gerund Broadly Northwestern European section, and sometimes also in the Broadly European section as well. If I take the time to click on the British & Irish section and see which cities 23andMe estimates that I have significant ancestry in, though, it literally lists Glasgow City as one of the top cities, which… wait for it… is in Scotland. Not to mention the fact that some genealogical research done on my paternal grandmother’s last name reveals Scottish origin.

And then there’s the whole 25% of me that Ancestry has relegated Irish & Scottish.

It would be helpful if 23andMe would make an effort (at some point after the pandemic) to isolate Scottish DNA and origins for, you know, the people taking their test that have Scottish DNA. Because I know that I am fairly sizably Scottish. It would be great for me to be able to study that with them in slightly better detail.

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