One thing that I actually did not realize…

I found this out through talking about the Catholic religion with some of my friends, but apparently you are supposed to be interviewed prior to enrolling in RCIA classes. Bub’s paternal grandmother knew about this, and she was able to hide the fact that this was an interview from me by interrupting the interviewer after nearly every single question that he asked me so that I would not catch on as to what “classes” I would actually be attending, let alone had signed up for (since, prior to the “interview”, these things being put in quotations because I would never have filled out the forms in the first place if I had actually been given a chance to read the forms or had been told what the purpose of the classes actually were, let alone even been given the name of the classes so that I could read about them at any point — remember, Bub’s father and his grandmother were adamant in making sure that the name of these classes were not even given to me for this reason). They also had me put down on these forms that I “was raised” in the Mormon faith, even though this was a blatant lie. Not only was I not raised in any faith at all, seeing as how my parents respected my lack of belief in anything, but Bub’s father was also pretty adamant about “sticking with this story”, even though he himself knew that I didn’t believe in the existence of anything supernatural and did not want this to come out at any point. I’m assuming that he wanted me to “fake it until I made it” and lie my way through these classes so that he did not get in trouble for knowing that I did not believe in anything, or he thought that somehow these classes would actually succeed in making me believe (or want to believe) in the existence of the supernatural and somehow “reason” that the Catholic church was right all along. Fat chance on that given how his mother would not stop running her mouth about how wrong all of my relatives were, even though I wasn’t particularly close to that many of them, having met very few of them in person.

But this should speak to how nefarious my ex and his mother were, that they would go to the levels that they did to hide the fact that I was “being interviewed” (because apparently they interview you before the classes even start to get an idea “where you’re coming in from”), and she had apparently told a lot of people that she went to church with that I was “excited about converting” and that I “wanted to convert”. Yeah, no.

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