Several things mentioned in one post.

As of Sunday evening, we hit double digits in terms of confirmed cases of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in my county, and confirmed community spread. Given the size of my county, this does not surprise me. To be completely honest, I want to see public schools shut down for the remainder of the school year in an attempt to contain this before it gets completely out of hand, but I do not have faith in this local school district, and my faith in this state wavers. But this school district is making it abundantly clear that they want to open doors back up as soon as possible, even if… like I’ve mentioned before, it is literally on the backs of the at-risk population. They are literally blocking people on social media that do not agree with them who are not willing to shower them in praise and it would be hilarious to mention if it were not depressing because of the whole “we are in the midst of a global pandemic and this district has a history of making poor decisions”.

I’ve gone to the mat over this and I will keep going to the mat over this. If anyone does not want to follow the CDC’s recommendations during a global pandemic, I will work to call them out on it… like GameStop, who had the nerve to attempt to call themselves “essential employees” and “an essential retailer” in a desperate bid to try and keep their doors open because they did not want to lose money. That went swimmingly well for them, because in at least two states they were forced to close their doors, and I anticipate it being more as time passes assuming that they do not take the hint and close their doors in the rest of them until this pandemic eases. Although I haven’t shopped in GameStop for awhile, for a number of reasons (one of which being the fact that I am actually friends with “GameStop girl”, and she is a positively wonderful human being), this absolutely takes the cake and I am going to make it a conscious point never to shop there again.

In gaming news: Bub and I have been playing the new Animal Crossing together and have gone to some friends’ islands! I am slowly but surely learning how to play this actual game for him, and it’s adorable, too!

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