We now have a functioning laptop again!

Since the a key continued to go out at varying intervals and the keyboard — which wasn’t one of those types that could easily be replaced, let alone replaced, because it was an integral part of the laptop — was behaving in a manner indicative of increasingly more keys failing, I knew that I had to replace the laptop at some point, sooner rather than later. It may have taken the better part of a day to load it once I found one that I liked enough to purchase, but here we are! It actually has slightly better specs than the one that I had before it, although my goal was to replace it with as close to a laptop as the one that I had before it — the one that it would be replacing, in other words. This wasn’t exactly something that I had much of a chance to plan, what with the keys on our previous laptop’s keyboard not exactly choosing the most opportune time to start to go out. The only thing that I’ve noticed that is… not quite as good as our previous laptop is the Wi-fi card, but I’ve begun to do some reading on that, and apparently that can be fixed with a USB dongle if I really want to. I might look into that at a later date, because I would need to figure out what dongle to get.

I’m happy that we have a laptop with a functioning keyboard that doesn’t have one foot “in the grave”!

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