Still on the hunt for some compatible RAM.

I know, I know. I’ll eventually stop updating about this computer, I swear…

When it stops doing annoying or interesting things. I will, whenever that time actually happens.

So far, I (or shall I say, we) are on the hunt for DDR3 RAM that’s being sold locally at a price that isn’t attempting to fleece someone. Surprisingly, no vendor around here has an 8GB stick of that RAM type available for sale. So the question is… do I want to wait until one does become available, hoping that one does, and then trade my DDR4 RAM for that piece of RAM since it’s technically useless to me, not being compatible with this computer, or do I want to see if I can find one off of a site like Amazon or even eBay, doing the transaction as a guest since I refuse to make an account with eBay again? I’m… not quite sure.

Living near a military base, the pawn shops here are known to be full of a lot of useful things, and here they seem to be failing me on something that I would normally expect them to have given that they have absolutely no shortage of computers and laptops that you can generally turn functional, at least from the vantage point of “a pawn shop will not accept something that does not function” and “if you know what parts to put into it, you can max it out and make it nominally functional”. But for once, they are failing me.

I do want to max this out as soon as possible since it can take 16GB (DDR3) RAM though, I really do.

At least when I can stop mucking about with this for an extended period, my head might stop hurting…

I mean, one can hope. That was a nice thought, or delusion, to entertain for all of what, five seconds? Ten?

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