So far, I haven’t maxed this thing out yet.

The person that was going to lift the DDR4 16GB piece of RAM off of me (and in the process, owe me some computer parts in the event that I needed them) was actually going to buy me a DDR3 8GB stick to put into my computer to max it out, but for some reason… no one around here is selling one. I’m honestly beginning to speculate if everyone has switched to DDR4 RAM and DDR3 is becoming obsolete or being left in the dust, even if plenty of good computers like this one are using it. Because, I mean, this computer isn’t that old. It still has really good specs aside from the old RAM bit and actually outperforms the old laptop whose keyboard wound up starting to go out in a lot of ways if you take the time to compare it to that laptop point by point…

Hopefully one comes in at a shop or store around here soon that can be picked up and put in, because I’d like to max this thing out whenever I can, but I mean… if someone has to buy it online, what with DDR4 RAM being the RAM that everyone wants because that’s what newer computers take, it might be and does seem to be going for a lot less than what it used to go for. Guess it just depends on who decides to grab it first, although like I said, I do know someone in person who I trade random computer parts to that I don’t need to and get random computer and electronic parts back from if I happen to need anything that they may have.

I just want something that functions well enough to do what we need it to do, and being able to play a few enjoyable games on it with my youngest child is always fun, so being able to run Origin and Steam is nice!

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