Something that I seriously just heard.

“Nobody really games on mobile consoles any more.”
“Mobile consoles aren’t that important now.”

Are we… living in the same decade?

Did I seriously just hear someone say that?

Well, in this case, “saw someone type that”, but still.

Excuse me while I cling tenaciously to our functioning mobile consoles, making sure that they work.

Not even a year ago, I heard just enough people lamenting that Sony was letting the Vita go, that Nintendo would have the only mobile console out on the market, and now it’s seriously like no one cares. At. All. Wow.

Am I now so old that I date myself whenever I talk about long rides in the car with my Gameboy Advance, my Nintendo DS, my Nintendo 3DS? Because I think I do. And I’m only in my early thirties. This is honestly when you want to say “kids these days” and mean it, and to think I’m saying it over mobile consoles now…

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