23andMe gave me my 0.10% back!

When I got my initial results in, 0.10% of my DNA had been read as broadly northern East African, but an update took that away… without changing any of my percentages, so my total percentages only came to 99.9% no matter how you did the math. I wondered about this for awhile, but one of their most recent updates actually gave this 0.10% back to me, although that portion of my DNA is currently allocated to the “Unassigned” section. With any luck, as they continue to update their algorithm and their systems, I will find out what portion of my ancestry that DNA is allocated to, especially since it seems like a comparatively small amount. But it had amused me for awhile that my ancestral composition did not add up to 100% like it was… supposed to, especially since so many of my DNA matches did have their ancestral compositions add up to 100% (although some of theirs, like mine, did not, and that this was to varying degrees), and I wanted to know why this was. But having watched them change what portions of my DNA have been assigned where over the course of their several updates, at least I have an idea where to expect them to assign this DNA at some point whenever it does get assigned, or where it might most reasonably be expected to come from…

This genealogy stuff is kind of wild, especially since I have the two unknown family members that I do.

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