Somehow I nearly managed to forget to post in this.

Things happen. Life happens. I’m going to be asking my psychiatrist to put me back on guanfacine, because months of Straterra (or however you spell it)… aren’t working. I have to put Post-It notes on my wall to remember to take the medication. It’s not working anywhere near as well as guanfacine did. And the whole point of ADHD medication is to allow you to be more attentive and less forgetful, which clearly is not happening in this case here. I aspire to fix this in about a month when I see my psychiatrist for a check-in.

A… friend of Bub’s father contacted me now that I’ve unblocked the majority of them to see what they would do, which I initially had mixed feelings over. But then we got to talking, and I told him some things that I intend on mentioning here at some point for the first time, and he understood where I was coming from when I understandably “took (Bub) and ran (from his father)”. There are some things that I want to get off of my chest after his upcoming birthday for the sake of doing so, even if that means “going public”, because all of it is the truth substantiated by my medical records. There’s so much that he took from me in 2009 that I intend on taking back. I want to tell the story of… what happened, and I want to do all of this on my terms.

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