Most of this was what I’d expected it to be, but…

My oldest son did 23andMe as a fun science project! Since he’s the one who… lost his father, and there’s information that we can get from his results that we wouldn’t be able to get from any other source, I thought it was a good idea (for a number of reasons, really). Most of his results were what I expected them to be, especially with the last names that I knew he was related to on that side going into the test results, but some things surprised me… like the trace Moroccan and Middle Eastern DNA he has, although that differs depending on what site read his DNA. I used the usual suspects: MyHeritage, ADNTRO, and Genomelink.

At some point I’ll begin posting screenshots up here, starting with his 23andMe.

His 23andMe seemed like it was more accurate than mine, where the site probably guessed at points.

And I do want to have him do Ancestry at some point so we can compare the results of those to 23andMe!

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