Well, this has predictably went worse than I’d hoped.

I’ve seen the doctor a few times for the bite wound now, go home after being treated in the hospital, several hours elapse with the Norco that they give me and I am right back to the excruciating pain. Not understating.

It just dawned on me in that I just remembered that my primary care physician has an emergency, or off-call, number. Depending on how I feel by then I am really thinking that I should give that number a call. I just need to make it to where I can speak and be understood for the duration of the call, but I know that he will take me seriously. He has always taken my needs seriously. But this has been a spectacular taste of a weekend, even though I don’t blame my son at all for what he didn’t even mean to do and would never even think of blaming him. Not for a single solitary second. I need a weekend for y weekend if you get what I mean…

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