That was a fun ride for everyone that was involved.

Several months ago, my content creation drew the attention of a “seed investor” as I liked to call him.

He was willing to pay to have my account Verified in exchange for regular access to internal metrics, which I had no problems at all providing him. Some weeks, and some months, these metrics would be a bit more… amusing than others, but it was what it was. At any rate, getting back to the original topic of conversation: the fact that this individual chose to walk away from Twitter as a website, as a whole, because of longstanding issues that their Support has had that they have continued to refuse to fix. And to be serious for a second, they are issues that I completely agree with him having and him raising. He didn’t like the fact that the site was being taken in, and he wasn’t comfortable with the direction that Support and security were being taken in themselves, so I can completely understand his reluctance to continue to put time and resources into the site. I think I’ve mentioned my association with him on here before in a few posts, but I’m not even going to miss… not having a Support account any longer if any of you get what I’m saying here.

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