I should have written this post sooner, but…

I bit my lip when I was eating some food, although I was… helped by my youngest son headbutting me.

I have lidocaine at home since this isn’t my first rodeo with things like this, and I’ve been in contact with my care team relaying symptoms. With any luck it will heal in the next several days such that I won’t have to do anything more about it, but if it doesn’t, I know what to do about it by about Friday or so. If it gets to that point, I’m just going to ask the local hospital to give me prophylactic antibiotics on site (we remember the rodeo with doxycycline, do we not?) and do whatever they have to do to promote healing, which may involve a bit of stitching. At this point though I am not going to care and will not care. They can do whatever the nice men and women in suits have to do to make it to where this thing actually heals with as few complications as possible. Because my youngest son is the one who is autistic and non-verbal, and he sometimes doesn’t think through what he does before he does it, I don’t blame him or hold him accountable for any of this at all. It was an accident and could have been worse than it was. That much I’m thankful for, unpleasant as this is.

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