So I’ve just been continuing to deal with all of this…

I’m not quite sure what I’ve posted where or who I’ve told what, as I’ve had to have a lot of different conversations with a lot of different people about… the event that I know I mentioned in here soon after I found out that it had actually happened. You know, when I found out and was given proof that my oldest son’s father had died. (This happened over a series of days, as I was given proof of what had happened from people one day, and then businesses, companies… what do you call them?… the next. And as I tried to reach out to more people, particularly more of his family members, I found out more about it in some cases.)

All of Monster’s “father”‘s family members who have requested, or otherwise made it clear, that they would like a copy of the autopsy have been turned down for various, conflicting reasons, almost all of whom owe up to the fact that Kentucky is being Kentucky. Under normal circumstances I’m told that I would be able to request it for my son’s medical records and peace of mind, seeing as how my son was a minor when this happened and is still a minor, but I’ve been told from one agency that I can’t do so because we’re out of state and another agency that I can’t do so because his developmentally and intellectually disabled son is his next of kin (even though the morgue tried as hard as they could to get a hold of me and my father in the days that followed this, as apparently I had been made his next of kin by him in recent years? that I had been someone he wanted to be able to make decisions on his behalf if ever such a person were needed, even though I hadn’t heard from him since 2007 nor laid eyes on him since late 2010? early 2011? all of this is confusing).

His younger sister, who became his acting “next of kin” when his mother refused, can’t request autopsy records because of the out-of-state thing. Neither can his older sister for reasons that aresimilar to those.

I’ve attempted to contact out to my state’s Legal Aid to see if they can help me navigate through this.

State senators in both states can not, as “those senators can only act in behalf of federal cases”, I’m told.

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