And we’re doing yet another deep dive, folks.

People have legitimately been telling me that I should tell my oldest son to forget his father and that I shouldn’t have any mementos made so that he can remember his father (or, more to the point, having one). This has caused me to cut people out of my life, which I don’t mind one bit, who I won’t be allowing back into my life for any reason. These are the very same people who have practically been shouting at me that I should sue the driver of the car that struck my son’s father, caring more about “that $25,000 (sic)” than the fact that this man was genuinely remorseful that his actions caused another person to die, let alone the fact that my son might actually want something to keep his father close by. The fact that these people care more about money than the emotional states of my son or me has been horrifying, although I expect nothing less from the people I grew up with who have repeatedly continued to invite me to their Discord servers (“but it’ll be different this time! there won’t be [any] drama [this time], I promise!”) in spite of the fact that I have made it as clear as I can that I don’t want to be invited to these servers or contacted by these people. Maybe they’ll get it this time, although I wouldn’t hold my breath on the matter. It’s like these people legitimately haven’t grown up at all, and I’m not interested in living through the adolescence that I spent on America Online over again if you know what I mean. I could write a whole post about how that was not a… fun experience for me, or vlog about it, and I think I will sometime soon. Both, in fact. But seriously, I’d like to get off of the ride now.

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