I know that I should have written this a lot sooner…

I’ve been re-organizing my room, although re-organizing my closet (and by that, an extension of my room) is sure to come in due time once I figure out just how I want to hang up clothes that I normally wear for content creation and streaming. I have never been blessed with a large closet. I’m thinking of finding some way to organize what is in my closet whether that is… finding some way to organize what is in my closet (discarding things is quite likely not going to be an option here), or I’m debating buying something that I can hang my streaming clothes on that can be wheeled around but will generally sit in front of my bookshelf and closet to be moved around just a bit to make each of those things accessible. I did find some documentation regarding the kids’ disabilities that I had been searching for that I just knew continued to be in my room, and I’m glad I neatened some of the things up that I could help by moving them around and regrouping them! Much as I would like to put some of this stuff into the kids’ room, Bub is still so impulsive that I don’t need to give him unfettered access to some things, even if they are some of his own things. He doesn’t need to be up at two o’clock every morning playing video games, or trying to play them, sacrificing his sleep in the process.

I am also making changes to the streaming desk, as I like to call it, that I am growing fonder and fonder of!

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