I am so excited for what is coming up soon!

So, news: not only was I successful at getting insurance in Texas to approve a tubal ligation (namely the removal of my Fallopian tubes), but that will actually be happening soon enough to post about it here!

I am in the process of weaning off of certain medications of mine to stop taking them in preparation for that, because I don’t want to give anesthetists any more of a reason to be clinically frustrated with me than I’m sure they are by virtue of my red hair making it difficult to knock me out when I need to be knocked out. I’ve read my medical files from the radiofrequency ablations that I’ve had for my migraines, and my care team is very aware of the difficulty at which it is to knock me out (“knock me out”? how do you phrase that?), owing to the fact that they are aware of my natural hair color in addition to whatever proclivities I naturally have.

And by that, I mean whatever other proclivities I naturally have. I’m very much aware of the hair color thing.

I am immensely frustrated at my gynecologist even though he’s the one performing the operation because he underestimates the level of anxiety that certain things give me, and coupled with the increasing difficulty at getting an IV started in me that has only gotten so much worse over the years, maybe I need to consider finding a gynecologist who takes my needs seriously. I don’t think I have enough time to ask my psychiatrist for anything although I concede that I very well should have, so I’ll just repeatedly ask the outpatient wing of the hospital where this will be performed to give me Versed before they give me propofol… or maybe even something stronger than that. I’m normally given Versed before propofol for radiofrequency ablations now.

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