I like this meme, so I’m adding it in here.

Since I was… bitten during the first bad meltdown Bub has had in more than two years, my doctor wanted to refer me to wound care to have them take a look at and manage it due to my history of immunosuppression and fluctuating blood sugar levels due to the medications that I’m on and have been on. This did not surprise me one bit. I’d like some of the bandages that they give me because those will stick to the bite wound and offer me some relief. And as stated in previous posts, I managed to sprain my ankle something fierce rolling on it after I got out of bed not even remotely fully awake from a nap — lesson learned, I suppose. I was prescribed some pain medication to make the bite wound hurt less and to make it possible for me to bear enough weight on my foot to ambulate around the house better than I had been (my goal). Goal achieved.

It doesn’t alter my mental status at all, though. Some people… have that happen when they take certain pain medication, and I am evidently not one of them. I’ve never been one of them. I’m still figuring out why that is.

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