Well, that was an… extremely weird ending to this.

I have a lot of the things ready in my room to resume streaming!

I just want to hang some of the clothing up that I wear, and have worn, for streaming somewhere that is in slightly easier reach than reaching into my closet hoping for the best (my closet houses a lot of nice things, but it is only so large). There are also some lights that I want to put in the background to avoid having to turn the overhead light on and giving myself a migraine, and I’m working out the finer details on that. I do continue to have migraines — I think that’s a “going to be the rest of my life” thing, so in spite of having made peace with that I’m going to continue to explore pathways to lessen them, and the pain — and my seizures (apraxic, non-convulsive) are under better control than they were. I take the wins when I can.

I’d also like to address the fact that the revenge porn thing I posted about — letting someone’s local police department know the two occasions that he had posted graphic revenge porn of what appeared to be exes of his because they didn’t give him what he wanted — solved itself in a very weird way, but I will take the win. The person in question (okay, my oldest son’s legal father) deleted the account that he had on that site around the time that he got charged with criminal trespass and resisting arrest, intending on going as far into hiding as he could to avoid the charge. When he deleted his account on that site — one that historically ignores takedown requests as it is, even when they are made by law enforcement or the judicial system — those pictures were deleted with it. His desperation to hide from local law enforcement solved that problem, for which I’m grateful. As a matter of fact, he’s still trying to hide from law enforcement because that criminal trespass (first degree) and resisting arrest charges are pending pre-trial diversion. If he shows up, watch him screw this up. It’s practically in his genes. And honestly, I like the fact that he’s even hiding from the Internet.

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