Remember the whole heart problems thing again?

I put in a refill request for the medication that my primary care physician put me on late last week, it’s… this week now, I have none of it left and am resuming being symptomatic. In spite of that, I’ve still managed to hear a whole lot of nothing back from my doctor’s office. I’ll be contacting them over this next week unless things necessitate sooner care than that again. I would have thought that, at the very least, a refill or two would have been put on this medication… but no. No, it wasn’t. I was given a thirty-day supply of a medication that made me cough uncontrollably and to the point of vocal dysfunction for the first half of that, and by the time it actually began to help, I had none left and my doctor hadn’t responded to the refill request.

This song and dance is going to be fun (and what I mean by that is not fun) if I have to keep repeating it.

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