That was a nice time-traveling experiment… not.

As I prepare to resume streaming, I’m noticing a modest uptake in the amount of seizures I have.

This appears to be something that I am just going to have to deal with and work around. Almost all of them occur during the night, but I always have an aura with them (or a period of time that I feel like absolute shit and proceed to wonder about the cause or causes of instead of going right to my medical history on the first try). And I am on medication for them. My care team is obviously aware of them. As long as they stay within the parameters of the predictable patterns they’ve been having, there’s no need for anyone to panic or be concerned about my health… even though I know that my friends, being my friends, may at least worry a bit.

Still, at the moment, it is ironic in a screwed up way. I had reorganized the gaming computer’s desk and was neatening the wires when it happened and I blacked out, and when I came to I’d thought that only a few minutes had passed. No, it was 4:03AM in the morning. I’d gotten sleep before that taking naps as I am wont to during the day when I feel tired or… like something may happen, so my “sleep debt” isn’t that bad now…

I’m wondering if a medication I take to help me fall and stay asleep may help lessen the seizures I have?

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