Look at these hard drives just dying in these streets.

One of the external hard drives supporting Bub’s gaming computer, and one of the things that makes him happiest in the world, seems to have… for lack of a better way to put it, “died of old age”. I’m currently having someone I know look at it to see if anything can be done to repair the mechanism by which it consumes power — I do science, not technology. It’s an old 1TB HDD from like… 2011 or 2012, I want to say, so it can’t just be dropped into new, functional hard drive casing. Best case, with the games that (are? were?) being shuffled onto our newest and largest hard drive, I’ve made room for some more games for Bub… and anything else that I might want — or need — to put somewhere! Everyone wins, but especially my wallet.

Being wired has its advantages, because re=downloading these games is not taking that long!

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