I’d just like to be on safer medication, please.

For the most part, the coughing seems to have resolved itself.

However, it doesn’t seem like the beta blocker that I was prescribed for the heart issues that are finally being taken seriously is working… at all, because my blood pressure and pulse on metoprolol is now for the most part what it was before I even began metoprolol. But since I don’t acutely feel the “squeezing” that was going on in my chest — the squeezing that had, and has, nothing to do with anxiety because early-onset heart problems are extremely heritable on my mother’s side of the family — I’ll chalk that up to a narrow win and continue to bide my time waiting for my cardiology referral and primary care physician’s request for more detailed testing to go through, hoping that it goes through sooner rather than later to change this med.

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