So far, so good! I continue not to be contacted.

In about a year my high school graduating class will more than likely have their twentieth class reunion.

Exactly as I did with the ten-year reunion I’ve made it abundantly clear that I do not wish to be contacted over this and have no interest in attending it or keeping in touch with anyone from my actual graduating class. There’s an actual note in my high school records that I’m not to be contacted by them for any reason after graduation, one that the principal of the school — at the time — put in there herself at my request. It indicates that any attempts to contact me after graduation or invite me to class reunions will be treated as harassment, and I still don’t want to be contacted by any of them. I am missing out on absolutely nothing.

It seems that a lot of people from my graduating class are friends with each other on social media, but I’ve been content only having friended one person from high school that didn’t even graduate with me. About a year and a half after high school graduation people from my graduating class finally seemed to get the hint that I didn’t want to continue to correspond with my graduating class and stopped trying to friend me on social networking sites. It’s nothing malicious on my end, it’s just that I didn’t spend a significant amount of time while I was in high school attempting to make friends with them, and it had actually gotten to the point where I had separate points of contact for people that I went to school with and everyone else. I didn’t like being contacted by that many of them when school was not in session, although it took nearly four years to drive the point home to the point they are not attempting to contact me now to get me to join Facebook groups or RSVP for the next reunion. If any of them attempted to contact me I would block them on sight.

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