In case anyone hasn’t been keeping up on this.

CONTENT WARNING IF NEEDED: this post discusses pedophilia as it relates to the Twitter platform

The convicted pedophile that I have mentioned time and time again in here — the one that is ban evading multiple suspensions on just as many burner accounts, who has evidently had more than one well check done on him by his local police department seeming to explain why he is not as ruthlessly harassing people who do not want to talk to him — has a friend. To the best of my knowledge, this person does not yet have a criminal conviction, but the above screenshot is the edited version of what he attempted to send the fourteen-year-old teenage daughter of one of my friends. Fortunately for her, this Tweet did not actually get through to her because her father intercepted it, and he’s been in talks with his local law enforcement and legal counsel in his area. If at all possible he would like to press charges against this man because, well, given the circumstances, who wouldn’t? Naturally, as soon as this dude found out that his message had not been received by the intended target but the worst possible person — in his eyes, anyway — to intercept it, he panicked, deleted a whole lot of his Tweets, and deleted several of his burner accounts. Much innocent…

At any rate, this man is the second pedophile on Twitter to be mass reported for inappropriate Tweets, just to have Twitter do nothing. At. All. About. Them. It’s gotten to the point where this no longer surprises me.

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