I hate how annoying these purchases have to be.

I got our gaming laptop back and the keyboard is no longer scuffed! Bub is stoked.

In the interim, I am now shopping around for a three to five-terabyte HDD that will fit inside the HDD bay of a laptop to maximize the space that Bub has to hold games. If these aren’t made yet, I’ll keep my eye out until something gets made that I can improve his hard drive space with. At this point, I might settle for a larger external HD, even though I don’t like the idea of having to hook an external hard drive up to a laptop unless I have no other choice. Admittedly I am better at putting hard drives into desktops than I am laptops, and hooking up external hard drives to… whatever they need to be hooked up to than this, but I’ll manage.

I am also continuing to pre-order games for Bub that will come out around or before Christmas, to cover a few of those purchases at a time per month so that they don’t get to be too much in the last few months before Christmas! Monster has been collecting DVDs to watch in the portable DVD player that a friend of mine was nice enough to gift him, so I pick up a few of those each month with the intent to be able to give him something he really wants for… well, his birthday and Christmas. Luckily some of the more obscure cartoon DVDs that he manages to find through Google or YouTube are available for really affordable prices.

If I can manage to find a larger HDD for a laptop than what we currently have though, I will go on and get it.

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