He got to the finding out part of FAFO fast.

So for those of you who might have been… following along with my posts in here, I’ve been working with other people trying to get a ban evading, convicted pedophile who has returned to Twitter suspended once again. However, that seems to be more difficult to actually do than some people might have thought, as even under Musk Twitter would much rather shadowban his account to the point of being very difficult to find but not suspend, even though it clearly states in Twitter TOS that one is not allowed to make new accounts when any of their accounts have been permanently suspended, getting to the ban evasion bit of the whole ban evading, convicted pedophile thing. Twitter has been given proof of this man’s identity and criminal conviction by at least twenty people now if not more than twenty people, as there have been people… keeping tabs on him whenever he does pop up on Twitter in the hopes that they can keep him suspended and, in doing so, make Twitter safer for minors to use. But to continue to complicate matters, he’s still on Twitter — he’s insinuated that he will use burner phones to continue to give himself access to Twitter as more and more of his accounts are suspended, too — and he had been making a point out of publicly Tweeting grotesque stories of people’s children being abused or molested, or them abusing or molesting children, feeding into the very same sick thing that landed him a criminal conviction. He’s truly sick and vile.


Through his interactions with me on Twitter, all of whom have been unwanted (remember, he’s the one who has threatened to ban evade into perpetuity, and he is also not above making accounts to evade people’s decisions to block him, which he’s already done at least once with a new account on top of the one he’s primarily been using to ban evade), reports have actually been made to his local police department about the vile things he’s been saying. One report was made by a mandated reporter whose job requires that he report such content that he sees, and this person’s grotesque stories certainly fit the bill as something needing to be reported. A few other reports were made about those same vile stories as well, with people expressing concern that he was… for lack of a better way to put it, blatantly doing this, blatantly and publicly saying these things online. Not too long ago I had the pleasure of finding out that these police reports culminated in a well check being done on him, which confirmed his identity and criminal history yet again as that’s been something that he has only tried to hide when he thinks he can gain access to people’s group chats on Twitter about parenting (you know, where parents should feel safe posting about their children?).

Anyway, along with being told that he wasn’t to continue to talk to me, harass me, or any of it — advice that it only took him a week to discard — he was told that he needed to stop posting these grotesque stories online. That seems to be something that he’s scaled back on, although people are happy to continue reporting him to his local law enforcement when they have concerns about the things he says online, but it actually surprised me that a well check was actually done on this dude from what seemed, by and large, to be out-of-state reports. I thought it would honestly take longer, even with his criminal conviction being widely known and something that’s easy to research, for his local police department to take any action at all against him. This surprised me in a good way. And the people who are continuing to try and deplatform him from Twitter will continue making reports to his local police department until his local law enforcement does something about him or Twitter actually follows through on their code of conduct suspending him yet again.

I think he’s honestly acting out now trying to see if he will continue to be reported to his local law enforcement (yes) or if they will take even more corrective action against him for his actions (another yes, or so we are hoping, anyway), and although this is something that I would seriously rather have nothing to do with, I am all for deplatforming him if putting forth the effort doing so will keep minors safe on the website.

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