A bit of an explanation of yesterday’s post.

To go into a bit more detail about my last post, several long-form safety reports were sent to Twitter regarding the convicted pedophile that Twitter has refused to punish (aside from varying degrees of shadowbans, all of which became less effective when they chose to reinstate one of his suspended accounts). People gave Twitter the same proof of this person’s identity and criminal conviction that had been given to Twitter prior to Musk’s acquisition, which very soon after doing so resulted in the suspension of one of the if not the longest-held account this… person… had, that he was frequently using to abuse people on and say the most heinous, inappropriate things. At some point after Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, it began taking much longer to get Twitter to take any sort of action on the convicted pedophile, and at one point they even went so far as to ignore all reports made about him. When we found out that long-form safety reports still existed and hadn’t been scrapped by Musk after acquisition, all of us filled them out in painstaking detail. We gave them all known prior Twitter account names of his, pointing out which ones were still suspended, linked them to this man’s child sex abuse registry listing as well as the two appeals he’d attempted to make (of the conviction and of the time that he had to serve, both of which spectacularly failed), pointed out various deeply problematic things he had said (even for him… one of them was espousing the desire to execute abortion providers, which Twitter had not acted on up to that point, and another one indicating that he wanted to do physical harm to the parents of a minor that he had gotten pregnant at some point before the pedophilia because they had made their daughter get an abortion), described the points of contact that were made that resulted in his initial suspension over being a convicted pedophile, and talked about the contacts that have been made with his local animal control (warning them that he claimed to have a dog that he stated he’d taught to bite women), the criminal justice divisions that convicted and sentenced him and presumably monitored him after he moved, and the contacts made with his local law enforcement.

They were also informed that his local law enforcement had indeed performed one well check on him.

So imagine everyone’s shock and surprise to wake up one morning and find out that Twitter, having done the rest of the work themselves to confirm the validity of the facts we had given them and had been giving them, had suspended his main account. Naturally, he made another account in direct retaliation to this, so we are now submitting long-form safety reports about those: the ban evading, convicted pedophile who had gleefully come back to their website. I can’t stop won’t stop until kids are as safe as they can be on Twitter.

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