Since I’ll eventually get around to writing about it…

A few days later, people are still shocked and upset that Heather Armstrong (“Dooce”) passed away.

I’ve been a follower of her blog since the earliest years, and she was one of the reasons that I wanted to blog in the first place. Humorously, I “Dooced” myself several years ago when I had another blog that my youngest son’s paternal grandmother found and summarily threw a fit over what I had written in it — for some reason she became angry at the fact I’d been blogging about the… safety issues I had with the father of my child, how I did not like to come over to his house or bring my son over there, and how I wished that I could (as I did wind up doing, to protect both of us) take my son and run. I haven’t covered the reason for all of that in this blog, but I intend to write about it at some point. Everyone else’s take on the situation that I described with the blog was that my son’s grandmother should have been more concerned about what I was writing about than angry that I chose to publicize it in my blog in the manner I had — and was doing.

For many reasons revolving around safety, no members of my son’s paternal family are involved in his life.

I like it better this way as it keeps both of us safe and do not regret “outing” him like I did for even a second.

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