I should have gotten around to this sooner, but…

Even though we’ve been using the… desktop to do almost everything that we’ve been doing, I decided to begin repairing the laptop since we’ve had it for several years now and it is beginning to show signs of age. There are some keys on it that have scuffed to the point that Bub doesn’t want to use them any more, and I know the battery in it needs to be changed because we might actually have gotten this laptop at the start of the pandemic. Almost all of these things are things that I can do from home, and what I may need help with I have a fairly good idea where to get that help from in a city that boasts… what, 100,000 people? At any rate, this is a city that I would like to move out of, although not precisely for that reason. Until then, I’ll be working on fixing this laptop… and if that doesn’t pan out, as these things tend to arrive at old age faster than their desktop counterparts, I’ll begin looking for another laptop in the interim. It is what it is. I do like this one, but the keyboard scuffs exceedingly easily and I am not the biggest fan of the world of replacing HDDs in them.

I am kind of torn though because if they make 5TB HDDs, I would like one in the bay that I have available.

I would also like not to open this thing up more than I absolutely have to, so I am looking at limiting that.

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