Something else that I never wanted to mention.

So… regarding my last post here about it, two people that had been on this guy’s case getting him suspended from Twitter (one of my friends, and one of his friends) came forward confirming that we had his identity and the information about his conviction correct. By the time the convicted pedophile knew that all of us had seen his rap sheet and knew what his conviction was, he stopped halfheartedly attempting to deny that he was the person on the rap sheet or the one who had that conviction. In wanting to see if I could learn more about this man’s conviction, I found out by Googling his name that he had tried — and completely failed — to have all successful parts of his conviction appealed, and that the victim in this situation was his then-stepdaughter, who informed one of her grade school teachers that… this was occurring, prompting an immediate investigation that culminated in his conviction, order to become a lifelong registrant of the child sexual abuse registry in whatever state he lived in, and to be incarcerated for five years. Seriously, though…

People continue to report this guy with all pertinent data in the hopes that Twitter will suspend what honestly appears to be his third account. We know he’s ban evading. He knows he’s ban evading as well. Minors who use social media sites are less safe when convicted pedophiles are allowed to use the site.

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