Some of the reasons that I homeschool my children.

· they’re disabled, so I can easily modify or tailor their education to maximize their potential with it
· we homeschool year-round, so they can take mental health days off from school as needed
· we don’t have to practice active shooter drills or worry about being shot while doing schoolwork
· they can choose what time of the day they would like to do their schoolwork, and they consistently do
· we don’t have to take any state test because of the state we currently live in, so we… don’t do so, which means that I do not have to “teach to the test”, or focusing on getting my kids to obtain a certain score on it
· we don’t have to worry about bullying or the kids being exposed to illicit or illegal drug use from their peers
· the kids can learn at their own pace and they know that the learning environment doesn’t have stress
· lessons can be modified when interests emerge (Monster loves dinosaurs and Bub loves undersea animals)
· they actually master lessons faster because their learning environment isn’t full of children who chatter
· I can more directly help them with their strengths and weaknesses because I only have two students
· homeschooling can effortlessly adapt to our schedule (appointments, therapy sessions, what have you)
· my kids are met where they are at scholastically and improvements are made from there
· the kids get sick much less often than they would if they were in a public school setting
· the kids can learn with hobbies, interests, or objects that they’ve already cultivated interest in
· both kids have clearly conveyed to me that they do not want to go into public school

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