I really should have expected this at this point.

People have been mass reporting the convicted pedophile on Twitter that I wrote about in here.

We have proof of his conviction, and we have proof that he tried to appeal that conviction and failed.

So far, Twitter is sitting on their hands refusing to do anything about him, but they did silence the mandatory reporter (a friend of mine, who is a special education teacher) who saw the conversation unfolding on Twitter and entered it with some concern about the things that he had been saying about one of my children. He insinuated that the conversation was reportable on the pedophile’s end, but said something snarky at the end of his part of the conversation that Twitter chose to silence him for twelve hours for. So Twitter is quicker to act on a moment of snark from a mandatory reporter expressing concern about a convicted pedophile’s inappropriate behavior as it regards a child than they are to act on the convicted pedophile themselves, even though minors (ages 13-17) use their site and this convicted pedophile has been suspended from Twitter twice before, so he is ban evading and knows that he is. I had been considering getting Twitter Blue to help with my content creation and streaming, but I will not do so as long as a convicted pedophile is allowed to run amok on the site, and the good people who want to do something about that are prevented from engaging with the site because they engaged with him and he’s able to mess with the reporting system to get that as the desired result. No. Just no. I will save my money on that venture.

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