I can’t believe that this is actually happening.

About three days ago, I found out something that I could happily have spent the rest of my life… not knowing or having anything to do with: a convicted pedophile who is ban evading on at least two suspensions is continuing to use Twitter, and at that, he is masquerading as a dom and someone who is pro-life using those things as excuses to lash out at people who quickly start telling him to shut up and leave them alone. At this point, the only skin in the game that I have is getting this account of his suspended, and any other accounts that he may make in attempts to ban evade. But to be clear, I’ve actually seen this dude’s rap sheet. He has to stay on the child sexual abuse registry for life, was convicted of… I’m not even going to go back and look, but it had something to do with a preteen, and he can’t live or be within five hundred feet of children’s schools (how do you phrase that? elementary? elementary and secondary?). But Jesus Christ.

I’ve made a lot of awesome new friends from the other people who want him off of Twitter as much as I do, which is probably the only good thing to come of the fact that there is a convicted pedophile ban evading on Twitter. We’ve reported him to Twitter (as have other people who are not even tagged in the conversation), and we keep tagging Elon Musk, Twitter Safety, and Twitter Support like HEY LOOK AT THIS HOUSTON, WE HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM. Pedophiles need to be banned from using social networking sites the same way those with domestic violence convictions aren’t allowed to register on certain dating sites. One can hope.

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