Since this has become relevant, I’ll post it.

In case you need to report someone to Twitter for ban evasion, which is against TOS…

· select that they are “being impersonated or shown a deceptive identity”
· from there, select “using a fake identity to mislead people”
· click the button that allows you to add context (this is important!)
· state that they are ban evading, that they have been suspended and provide previous account names
· send the report to Twitter

Under Musk’s Twitter it seems like you will continually have to make these reports to get someone at Twitter to take them seriously enough to do something about them, but the terms of service have not changed substantially since he bought Twitter. As a matter of fact, ban evasion is still a violation of the terms of service even though suspended account holders are supposed to be allowed to petition Twitter for reinstatement of their accounts as long as they did not do something particularly egregious or illegal. Someone who is ban evading off of a suspension is supposed to have all subsequent accounts suspended, but Twitter doesn’t seem to be able to detect these accounts in some instances — for instance, if they’re using a different phone number than was on the account that got suspended (I think this is what people do).

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