Okay, the stuffed owl is cute, I’m not going to lie.

Don’t ask me how this is even happening, but I’ve moved so far up in the Sapphire League (or is it league?) on Duolingo through reviewing because of Gabapentin brain and prednisone brain that I’m currently slated to move up from there. For some reason, French makes a whole lot more linguistic sense to me than Spanish does, and I live in an area where Spanish is the second most widely spoken language… not to mention the fact that I took two Spanish courses in high school and apparently remember nothing from them now. That’s about par for the course for my whole experience in high school here in this district though, so I can’t say that I’m even remotely surprised. At some point in the future I might add another language to that, but only once I start to get really comfortable with French… if I ever get to that point. I do have to say that I really like the improvements that have been made to the app since the last time I used it, as it’s become even more intuitive, and much easier to use than it was before. It’ll still take me longer to learn things, but I do enjoy it!

I’d actually try to upload the bird here, the picture that I have of it, but my hosting is giving me some trouble.

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