Maybe I’ll come up with better subject lines for this.

The kids saw their developmental pediatrician yesterday for their (three- to) six-month well check-up!

Bub had one of the medications that he was put on changed. The medication that he had been prescribed at night (Mirtazapine) to help with regulating the rest of his mood and to help him sleep had caused him to gain… a bit of weight, and we didn’t want that to become a lot more weight, so he’s been switched to hydroxyzine for sleep purposes. I’ve been weaning him down on Mirtazapine and weaning him up on hydroxyzine, but I can already see a marked improvement in his sleep! I’ll give him the rest of the week to coast on these doses, and then I’ll try removing the last of the Mirtazapine from his nightly schedule while replacing it with the full dose of hydroxyzine that he’s intended to be on. He’s already sleeping much better!

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