I just want to write a short and sweet post.

I found some things out about… someone that I had known online (and am wishing that Facebook would have shown me these things in the algorithm sooner, or that people would have reached out to me telling me rather than assume that I knew about them and did not care about them), and as a result I chose to unfriend that person, block that person, and excise them from my life… even if it was “just online”. Perhaps the biggest “line in the sand” that I have is abusive contact toward another individual, especially when the person does not take responsibility for their own actions, feel remorseful for them and take active steps toward changing the thought processes that led up to that behavior — even still, it is a deep line in the sand simply for happening. I do not want to surround myself with people who… have engaged in these behaviors or are engaging in these behaviors without the already mentioned remorse and responsibility. For someone to want my trust refusing to divulge this to me is a violation of the trust that I had previously placed in them.

That is all that I’m going to say for now because I want to, and do, respect the person that this happened to.

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