Same shit, different day, I suppose. It really is.

I put in everything that my family needs to renew our SNAP benefits at the start of… was it this month?

I’m pretty sure it was the start of this month. I know this song and dance well, because it’s taken my state’s HHSC longer and longer to renew our benefits the past… what, six years now? But now it’s getting to the point where they are ignoring my inquiries on their Facebook and Twitter pages, and they put more effort into sending me copied and pasted drivel when I file complaints with the HHSC ombudsman (which is ironically what I’ve been told to do in the past when it takes them longer and longer, or monumental stretches of time, to look at our benefits cases)… so they’re willing to put more effort into not doing their jobs than they are the simple process of renewing benefits where circumstances have not changed. I don’t understand them and I never will, but it makes me hate this state even more. Dealing with anything bureaucratic in this state, or anything that has to do with this state at all, has become more and more of a nightmare as the years have gone on, and it’s only gotten worse, not better. I guess these people want to paint their nails, play on their phones, or play on their computers all day instead of doing their actual jobs… and then the state benefits website has the gall to state that the state is trying to hire state workers to do these jobs. The workers that they already have hired don’t seem like they’re willing to do the jobs that they have. I’ll just contact my state’s Legal Aid if our benefits lapse for any reason, which I don’t want to have to do but will do if circumstances warrant it because being disabled (and having disabled family members) and advocating for benefits and services that one is entitled to is literally like a full-time job. I’m getting used to it.

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