Let me limit the number of servers I’m on in peace.

I’ve left Discord servers that I wasn’t participating in and, in some recent cases, no longer want to be a part of the community that members “are” a part of… for the second time, and I’m hoping that it’s the last time.

Instead of getting direct messages about it asking me to come back to at least one of the servers in question, telling me that “more admins have been brought on” (which still isn’t going to solve the problem that this server has of taking away problematic people’s permissions as they violate rules, just to give all of them right back, and either to refuse to kick or ban people that should be kicked or banned or to undo another mod’s kick or ban when one has actually done that and… get mad that they did it) and “that people will be given protective roles”… let me limit the number of servers that I’m a member of in peace. When I’ve tried to do this in the past I get people telling me how their server is better, or different, wanting me to join their server… and so far, that hasn’t been my experience with almost all of the servers in this friends’ group. (AOL alumni? Hackers and programmers? Sometimes both?) Like, please leave me alone for longer than two weeks here.

Ideally, don’t invite me back. I like not being a part of them already and it’s only been like thirteen hours…

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