I am laughing hysterically at the irony in all of this.

I’m laughing, because I found out that while my abuser lived in my state he owed so much in court costs and fines that he had been blowing off that a separate warrant was put out for his arrest for these things while there was also a warrant for the original assault offense. (Our state gave up on going after these things for him a year after he had fled the country, not knowing that he had fled the country at that time, because all that could be done short of arresting him and making him serve time had been done — they just couldn’t find him to arrest him, or to make him serve that time, after his probation for assaulting me was revoked because he knew that he couldn’t bail out if he got picked up on that.) And I’m laughing even harder because I found out that for reasons that didn’t even have to do with child support because it wasn’t even being pursued, he got his license suspended, which he never bothered to fix… he just continually drove around on it, getting ticketed, not showing up to court for any of these — this escalated them to bench warrants — and bailing out, rinsing and repeating the entire cycle, which eventually culminated in his license becoming deactivated. Now my guess is that he chose not to renew it because he didn’t want to have to deal with the fact that it had been suspended, and he didn’t want to have to prove residency to the DMV because he doesn’t want anyone to know where he lives. The good thing about this is that he can’t get a license in any other state until he deals with this suspension, and we all know that he’s never coming “back down here” because he doesn’t want to have to deal with the repercussions of his actions. He also doesn’t want anyone, anywhere, knowing where he lives, which is why he’s been using a passport that he’s had as identification (an expired passport is a legally acceptable form of identification in all states here in the United States, heh).

In 2014, our home state also made the decision not to aggressively pursue him for the warrants that he did have out for his arrest, because at this point he had begun to make actionable threats of harm directed toward other people. So when our county did round-ups, although the warrants were and continue to be valid, they were never included on the list. All of this has been keeping him out of the state, because he couldn’t keep himself out of the country for as long as he would have liked. So now he’s got a deactivated license that he refuses to rectify, a domestic violence conviction on his record, and he’s just added a shoplifting conviction to his record. (He’s also working on a revenge porn charge.) I’m going to love pulling his criminal record sometime in 2023, which is something that I would like to do, to have on hand in case he ever violates the restraining order and no-access court order contacting me or my child to bother us. Just in case…

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