I hate the fact that I even have to ask people this.

For the people who have been attacking Jason David Frank because of the… cause of his death (which I am going to go to great pains not to say in here, and to be as vague about as possible in spite of the fact that more and more news agencies have been publishing it in news articles and mentioning it), coming after his estranged wife for being the last person that he spoke to before he died, thinking that she had a hand in causing his death… you people need to stop. People are coming after her on her personal social media pages as she mourns the death of the estranged husband that she had been, by the sounds of things, trying to make the marriage of work with, and his children are seeing this. His family members are seeing this. All of this is getting thrown into their faces. The cause of his death is getting thrown into his faces with every news article that mentions it, and I’m sure that can’t be good for anyone’s mental health… even the fans of his who followed his career through the Power Rangers franchise and beyond. Even though this feels a bit parasocial, even for me — who desperately tries to stay out of everything parasocial now — this needs to stop. He wouldn’t want this. Please let him rest. That’s what his family members and friends would want.

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